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MEDENUS gas filter DF 50

The DF 50 gas filters have the task of separating gas impurities such as dust, welding residues and other solids in gas-carrying lines at a defined point. They are mainly used in gas pressure control and measuring systems and upstream of such devices whose function is impaired by contamination. MEDENUS gas filter DF 50 - naturally with the MEDENUS Plus.

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The gas flows into the filter housing on the inlet side. The dust particles carried along in the gas are retained by the filter element. The cleaned gas flows out again at the outlet side. The filters consist essentially of the housing, the filter cover and the filter element. By removing the filter cover, the filter insert can be easily replaced. The filter material consists of a double-layer polypropylene material with a standard pore width of 30 µm. A pore width of 5 µm is available as an option. Up to a nominal diameter of DN100, the housing material is made of die-cast aluminium, and above that, of aluminium sand casting.

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Operating and Maintenance Instructions

DF 50 - Operating and Maintenance Instructions

Nominal diameters

With the new cellular gas filter series DF100 we expand our product range with an important part of gas pressure regulating lines. With this product launch we complete our portfolio of gas pressure regulators, safety shut off valves and safety relief valves with the missing part of filtration.

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