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Technical change flange standard DIN1092-DN200

Changeover starting October 2018

Dear Sir or Madam,

herewith we want to inform you, that we will change the flange standard with October 2018 for nominal size DN200 from DIN1092-PN10 to DIN1092-PN16. For spare parts we will still have DN200-PN10 housing on stock for the next years. Please pay attention to that in your next orders.

Following series are affected by the changeover:

  • Gas pressure regulator, back pressure regulator, vacuum regulators DN200 from series R100, R100U, R100UD, R100UDS
  • Overflow regulator in DN200 series R101US
  • Safety shut off valves DN200 series S100

All other series with size DN200 ae delivered already with DIN1092-PN16 (regulators spring loaded RS250-RS254, pilot operated regulators RSP254, cellular gas filter DF100)

Thanks for your support and perusal.

Kind regards

Franz Feichtner
Head of Sales and Marketing

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